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Art Painting Easels – It Took Me 20 Years To Find The Best One!

Dee Van Houten - DevaArt Stdio; animal art paintings

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I always had to struggle with any easel I had ever used, whether they were portable easels or for the studio. My last easel (standard wooden) I used for over 20 years and it was pink in color (the last time I painted it). It was extremely difficult to raise and lower (yes, it was old and the metal thingy was probably rusted) so I finally got very fed up after struggling with a 3’x4′ canvas and decided to research the best and easiest easel to raise/lower. I did not throw out my  old, rusty easel since it was so nostalgic (from college days) and could still be used to hold a finished piece of artwork. (I must re-paint it in purple one day)!

The very first thing I knew I wanted in an easel was total ease of use. Meaning: very easy to raise/lower with the canvas on it (whatever size) and to be able to roll it around my studio. The easel had to be very easy to adjust without breaking my fingers, straining any other muscle or cussing up a storm (which I don’t normally do), but the old easel just put me in that state of mind and I was losing precious painting time to boot!

After a couple of days of searching for my ‘perfect’ easel, I came across one that looked like it was just what I wanted. This easel was designed by David Sorg called “The Super 8 Easel.” I was beside myself! It had everything I needed/wanted; ease of use, would last a lifetime, sturdy and actually, beautiful to look at (yes, I think easels have their own beauty). It was an easel like I had never seen before with a pulley-type system with weights that made it easy to raise and lower. Anyway, I called David, and he answered all of my questions. He is very nice to talk to! You can contact him and order directly, which I did. Yes, the price is high but it’s definitely worth the money and will last a lifetime. Go to his website and read the short article about this fabulous easel! Oh, and make sure to measure your ceiling to floor distance because this is a tall easel. One more thing, the Super 8 is great for people who deal with hand or shoulder pain because you won’t have to struggle with the raising/lowering and moving the easel around part!

Here is a picture of the Super 8 Easel. There is a place where you can put the paper towel holder, but I opted not to.

Dee Van Houten, devaart studio