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Alcohol Ink – “My Secret Garden”

Dee Van Houten - devaartstudio.com
Painting is a pigment of my imagination…
If I can create art, then everything will be good…

Secret Garden: lyrical impressionistic alcohol ink art by Dee Van Houten is a one-of-a-kind original  artwork. As I paint, it seems to be controlled chaos that takes over as it just depends where this wonderful fluid medium takes me. There are a lot of very subtle things going on in the background (dragonflies, butterflies, delicate flowers seem to just appear). In this painting, I used various shades of greens and yellows with touches of orange, purples and aqua.

My alcohol ink paintings are acid-free, highly pigmented, permanent and dry very quickly. This medium is used on non-porous substrates such as glass, tile, plastics, metals and glossy papers and the colors appear to just float on top since this type of substrate does not absorb the ink. Sold unframed. Image size: 9″ x 12″

I spray the finished piece with a clear protective coating that will not disturb the alcohol ink. I then use a thin layer of acrylic UV polymer varnish for a final layer of protection.

This original alcohol ink painting was created at DevaArt Studio.

My Secret Garden
Size: 9”x12”
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DevaArt Studio :: My Work Space

Dee Van Houten - DevaArt Studio; animal art paintings

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It was a blessing in disguise when I was laid-off from my job in ‘corporate world’ where I worked for 5 years as a graphic designer. It gave me the chance to start my freelance art business called DevaArt Studio. Yes, it was scary but I love working for myself. I never looked back either…bye, bye ‘corporate world’… was music to my ears.

This is the largest studio I’ve ever had. When I moved here, I had the unfinished basement made into my art studio. Purple is my favorite color so the walls are very light purple and the floors are purple/light gray squares and the more paint spills, the better! I always love seeing other artists’ studios and how they are set up and the lovely ‘messes’ we all can make with our mediums! Following are some pictures I took of my studio and the various work areas I use. I cleaned up a bit for the pictures…

This picture shows an area where I paint large canvases in acrylic. It’s definitely neater than what it usually is! Its right next to the door that lets in lots of natural light.

dee van houten fine art paintings

Painting Table

Here is another picture that shows some more painting tables that I use for the large canvas area.

dee van houten fine art paintings

More Painting Tables

This is an area where I paint my stained glass paintings on a large light box.

dee van houten; devaart studio, fine art

Stained glass painting table

This is my large art file that I’ve had for 20 years. It holds my illustration boards, work I’ve completed and some not completed plus drawers of other much needed art ‘stuff’! The paintings are of my dad (done by another artist) and a watercolor I did of my mom.

dee van houten; devaart studio

Dee’s Antique Art File

This photo shows my work area where I put together anything that needs it. Mostly framing for my stained glass paintings.


This picture is the neatest and most relaxing part of my studio. The purple phone is retro and my favorite color. I also love dragonflies and the table was my grandmothers, full of art books and magazines.

dee van houten, devaart studio

My Relaxing Sofa

If any of you readers who are artists’ have some pics of your art studio please show them when you comment… Thanks!