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The Truth About Unique ZenDalas Is About To Be Revealed…

Art speaks where words are unable to explain. Unknown

ZenDala Art

In this collection are my intuitive ZenDala paintings. This name came to me as I was meditating, bringing meditation and Mandala circle art together. I combine my love of organic scribbling within the ZenDala design. 

Since the ZenDalas are hand-painted there will always be some imperfections, as in life…I prefer to draw organic shapes and free-flowing forms, which are not always symmetrical.

Guided by intuition, every ZenDala is one-of-a-kind. I paint ZenDalas with vivid colors, symbols, dragonflies, butterflies, animals or flowers from nature, which is a true reflection of my artistic mind and spirit.

To learn more about how to commission a meaningful, heart-felt and personal LifeExpressions painting, go to the custom order  page.

Why Is A LifeExpressions Custom Order So Fabulous To Own?

I dream my painting and I paint my dream. Vincent Van Gogh

LifeExpessions are paintings that people commission me to do either for a loved one, a special friend or even themselves. These very personal paintings are created just for this person and features what they are passionate about in their life. Capturing the essence of the person and what they love in life is very important to achieve in these paintings. For instance, one of the LifeExpressions commissions I created for a client called World Traveler (see above image) was for a person who loved to travel and adored elephants, so these were expressed in this particular piece. Their favorite color was also used throughout the painting. 

LifeExpressions painting commissions are created on a cradled substrate that is archival and acid-free. The finished painting is protected with several coats of satin (low-sheen) acrylic polymer varnish which is resistant to chemicals, water, abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. Also, I paint the sides of the cradled panel with acrylic paint that coordinates with the painting colors. Cradled panels allow you to hang your work with no additional framing. The mediums I use for the LifeExpressions paintings are archival ink, acrylic ink and/or alcohol ink. All inks are waterproof.

To learn more about one of these meaningful, heart-felt and personal LifeExpressions paintings, please go to the custom order page.

Here is a list of the LifeExpression custom order paintings I have created:
Indigo Child, Fighter Chick, The Nurturer and The Hunter (image coming soon). Click on the link to view that page.