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Fun and Whimsical Rockhopper Penguins Giclee Print. Own One!

Rockhoppers penguin montype reproduced as giclee art prints

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands. Leonardo da Vinci

Rockhoppers giclee print was reproduced from an original monotype painting. This charming work of art is characterized by a visually appealing theme creating a whimsical feeling that penguins seem to have.

In printmaking, monotypes are creative techniques that usually give only one good impression of the image when the paper (substrate) is pulled from each plate (glass, gellie, plastic or smooth metal) that was drawn on with (usually) acrylic paint, printer’s ink or oil paint. I’ve also created monotypes in watercolor which is more challenging but can be done. A second ‘ghost’ image may be pulled but will be lighter in color. I love making monotypes because of their special textural qualities.