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“Connection” With Mini Mandalas is a Bright, Enchanting Print

soulworks spiritual paintings by Dee Van Houten

Painting is silent poetry. Plutarch

Connection is an original alcohol ink painting. It portrays enchanting mini-mandalas in a garden-like setting. The visual experience is a colorful scene that connects all of the mini-mandalas together. The mood of this colorful and whimsical painting is very uplifting and fun. The medium is alcohol ink and this is a one-of-a-kind original painting.

Alcohol inks are acid-free, highly pigmented and permanent. This medium is used on non-porous substrates such as glass, tile, plastics, metals and glossy papers and the colors appear to just float on top since this type of substrate does not absorb the ink.

All of my alcohol ink paintings are created on a cradled wood birch panel (the width on the sides of the cradle may vary from 3/4″ to 2″). The panel is painted on all sides and back with a color that compliments the painting. I put framers wire on the back and hanging hardware so it will be ready to hang when you receive it. I spray the finished piece with a clear protective coating that will not disturb the alcohol ink and you will not need glass. I then use a thin layer of acrylic UV polymer varnish for a final layer of protection. 

This original alcohol ink painting was created at DevaArt Studio in the USA. Please contact me with any questions about this painting! I offer for free shipping for originals within the United States.

Why Do People Love My Magical SoulWorks Collection? Enchanting!

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.  Henry Ward Beecher

In my spiritual art paintings, healing colors play a significant role. In the creation of my SoulWorks original paintings, I strive to capture the essence of what the soul of a dragonfly, butterfly, animal or flower may be and express it in these images residing within the quiet side of nature. Of course, in trying to paint the essential spirit of a person or a living essence in nature is always an intuitive action. A sense of enigma is created in my SoulWorks paintings blending Nature with the Divine.