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Fun Art! Mardi Gras Noah’s Ark Giclee Prints-Charming!

I was commissioned to paint Noah’s Ark in my whimsical animal art style as a poster for the 2006 New Orleans Mardi Gras. The client who hired me for this freelance job gave me free-reign (music to my artistic ears!) to paint the animals and ark any way I wanted to as long as I used my whimsical style, which he loved. This was the most fun freelance job I’ve ever experienced!

This is what the final poster looked like:

dee van houten, noah's ark poster
Noah’s Ark Poster

I have since made Noah’s Ark into a high resolution giclee fine art print which you can securely purchase from my art gallery/store website. See image below.

Noah's Ark Mardi Gras giclee print at

Noah’s Ark is a fanciful giclee print that features playful animals in pairs afloat in the ‘sea’ of the Mardi Gras parade. The delightful, whimsical and playful pairs of animals are all joining in the Mardi Gras celebration in some way; by throwing or wearing beads, playing music and even dancing among the different shapes of confetti floating through the air.

Two dressed up penguins are standing on either end of the ark throwing beads off into the sea. One of the toucans, wearing a party hat, sits steadily on top of the Bourbon Street lamp post while one of the elephants holds the post up with his trunk.

Also joining in this upbeat Mardi Gras celebration are mice, raccoons, ladybugs and puffins. There are tropical fish playfully throwing beads over to the starfish who are dancing on top of the water surrounding the ark. Two sea-horses are gently sitting atop the billowy waves, also wearing fancy beads.

The ark itself, resembles a Dutch-like design with beautiful flowers painted all across its body. Two lovely butterflies are flying around the ark amid pieces of colorful confetti floating through the sky. You will see two Westie dogs poking their inquisitive heads out through the portholes. This delightful painting would look great in a kids room or anywhere you want a colorful, fun and uplifting feeling.

Awesome “Toucan Love” Giclee Prints-Terrific, Uplifting Art!

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands. Leonardo da Vinci

Toucan birds are such whimsical and spectacular looking birds and I love to paint them! Toucan Love was originally created in gouache (opaque watercolor). The image is only part of the art. There is another toucan at the other end!

The artwork shows two very colorful toucans looking at each other while sitting on a branch. Offered as giclee fine art prints. The original has sold.

My other toucan giclee prints:

Fun, Fanciful, Fantastic and Whimsical Toucan Giclee Prints!

Crazy For Toucans giclee prints by Dee Van Houten. Available for sale at
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Toucan Giclee Prints (various sizes and media offered).
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What buyers have said about this toucan art:

Bright, uniquely creative works of sheer joy! She has a gift – treat yourself and share in it…

I have enjoyed my original artwork and prints from Dee since we started acquiring them more than 20 years ago. Her detailed birds are peaceful, fun, and usually interacting with others in a whimsical grouping.

Crazy For Toucans was originally created by Dee Van Houten as a pen&ink and watercolor drawing. This work of art is reproduced as high quality giclee prints. Choose from several kinds of media to have your art printed on such as, archival fine art paper or canvas. This toucan painting shows large toucans standing on a branch and they are all looking the same way. The original has been sold but can be purchased as a giclee print.

This pen&ink drawing can be reproduced on either museum quality paper or canvas. Having this artwork printed as a stretched canvas print gives it depth and texture from the canvas. The canvas art print would be ready to hang and will be delivered to you with attached hanging wire, nails and mounting hooks.

Other bird art I offer for sale are puffins, flamingos, gouldian finches and tropical birds. Other art for sale as giclee prints are my wildlife gouache paintings (zebras and elephants) available at (All purchases are secure meaning that all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted).

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