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This page is about Dee Van Houten, Fine Artist, and Artisan. The DevaArt Blog Posts will have articles about her art, favorite artists from the past and other art-related stories.

About Dee Van Houten

I am most passionate about creating art and doing so is a very personal process. It is a deep part of my spirit that weaves itself throughout all aspects of my life.

Interested in the healing character of art and color, the artist wants her paintings to resonate with viewers in a meaningful way. Whether she creates art that is stylized, realistic or intuitive in nature, she hopes everyone will have a thought-provoking visual experience.

Painting Mediums Used

  • Acrylic Ink
  • Archival Ink
  • Alcohol Ink
  • Color Pencil
  • Golden High Flow Acrylics

Fine Art Background

Born in Washington D.C. and raised in the Northern Virginia area, Dee began creating art at a very early age and has never stopped. She was always interested in art, so by the time she got to high school and college, she was totally immersed in it. Dee works full time at DevaArt Studio.

Dee’s fine art classes consisted of many art history, painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics and illustration classes. Communication design and website design were also a large part of her curriculum.

On Dee’s fine art website, devaart.com, all art is for sale as giclee prints (you can choose from different sizes and media). Her inspired intuitive art can be seen in the SoulWorks Collection. And if you love animals, check out her magical Animal Art.

Dee has had individual exhibitions and works accepted in many juried art competitions, winning numerous awards and honors for her paintings and drawings. Her art is represented in public and private collections in the United States and Canada.

I always loved every art class I took in school from elementary through college. My college art professor inspired me in a way no other person has ever done and I will always be grateful to him for that.

Intuitive Art

Her spiritual and intuitive paintings capture various forms of nature, such as, butterflies, flowers, greenery, birds and dragonflies. Dee’s imagery uses healing colors seen in nature that play an important role in creating her intuitive art. As a result, this expresses her love for the soft side of nature.

Creating art has been a spiritual journey for Dee and a consuming, creative passion in her life. Painting, to her, is similar to a form of peaceful meditation, Also, her art is blended with awe-inspiring colors that will delight your vision. Moreover, having her artwork relate to people on an emotional level has always been equally important to her.

Toucan giclee prints available at devaart.com

Creative Process

Dee’s artistic process is established by her particular use of interesting shapes, spatial relationships, color placement and unusual perspectives. She uses colors that are intuitively inspired and create a sense of healing.

The healing colors seen in nature play a significant role in the creation of my spiritual art. 

Piedmont Regional Art Show, First Place; Comment by judge: Mr. Val Lauton, Chief Designer of the National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC:

I like this painting, Inner Sanctum, because of the way it is composed in the space. It’s about dancing and has the feeling of the dance. It also has a strong rhythmic, graphic image. Color matches mood. Extraordinary. Doesn’t use anymore then it has to.


American Artists of Renown; an honor accorded contemporary American artists for the exceptional quality and professionalism of their work. She was nominated for entry as a tribute to the contemporary American Artist. Published by Wilson Publishing Company, Gilmer, TX


Bachelor of Fine Arts Virginia Wesleyan University, Norfolk, Virginia
A.A.S. Communication DesignSpecialization in Illustration, magna cum laude graduate
A.A.S. Web/Digital Design; Sessions Education, Soho, New York, NY

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