Absolutely Charming One Of A Kind Handmade Jewelry Gifts

Are you looking for one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts for someone special? Handmade jewelry gifts may be the perfect solution. How would you feel if someone gave you a beautiful piece of artisan handmade art that is an aesthetically designed one of a kind design? Very special, I would think!

Massed produced jewelry can be found everywhere you go and worn by many people. What’s so unique about that anyway? By wearing a one of a kind artisan necklace, you would have a tough time finding anyone else with the exact same piece. Even if the artist makes other designs that are similar, handmade items are never exactly alike in craftsmanship and materials.

Handcrafted Exclusive Gifts

Artisan handmade gifts are widely accepted and in demand. It used to be quite time consuming to find a store with distinct choices of handmade gifts. Nowadays you are able to go online and find lovely and charming one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from all over the world.

You can easily find handmade jewelry that will fit any budget. Materials used, the uniqueness of the design, labor and complexities of the piece will determine the price. There is a distinct advantage of buying this type of product online because of the low overhead and a lot of times free shipping is offered.

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from DevaArt Studio.
Ocean Waves
(sea glass, sterling silver, crystal stone, wire wrapped)

Materials Used In One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Gifts

Artisan handmade jewelry can be very appealing and lovely, unlike jewelry that is mass produced. Many different kinds of materials are used in designing handmade jewelry, such as, fine silver, gold and raw copper. Really, all it takes is the creative imagination of the designer to come up with all sorts of materials.

I use crystals such as, raw amethyst, sterling silver, genuine sea glass, beads, Murano, dichroic and lampwork glass beads (this type of fused glass is painstakenly created by hand). I also use mother of pearl beads, beautiful Swarovski crystals and vintage beads. Many of these materials I combine for a beautiful harmonious effect. Some of the raw crystals I wire wrap with sterling silver wire. These are very beautiful and designed in a free-form style.

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts at DevaArt Studio.
(free-form, wire wrapped, sterling silver and genuine sea glass)

Sophisticated artistry is interweaved into these one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts. The jewelry I design and create are artisan handmade necklaces. My jewelry collections include ocean inspired, crystal, sea glass, dichroic, Murano (handmade in Italy) glass and lampwork glass (handmade fused glass). All available at devaartstudio.com.

Making A Statement

A bold statement can be made by wearing an alluring and attractive necklace as you will find at DevaArt Studio. People will admire it and compliment you on your lovely piece of jewelry. Unique to only you; it’s one of a kind!

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from DevaArt Studio.
(Murano glass, sterling silver, vintage beads)

In conclusion, these artisan handmade necklaces make awesome gifts because they are so different from any mass produced jewelry. The best place to purchase these unique necklaces are at my online boutique store (devaartstudio.com). Amaze someone special in your life with one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts.

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Mixed Media Painting Innovative and Playful

A mixed media painting fuses various mediums together. This may include drawing mediums such as, graphite, ink and color pencil. Pastels or crayons are also other good drawing mediums to use. Painting mediums, for example, oils, acrylics and watercolor integrate together in many ways.

Other materials used as collage components, such as, newspaper, is an excellent source. Magazine pages and photos are other good choices. I am going to design a new mixed media painting using my mom’s fabric quilting samples. So, fabric is an item you can definitely blend with other mediums. You can also stick with only two different mediums.

Dragonfly Connection mixed media painting seen below, uses a variety of media. I painted this on a semi-rough watercolor paper substrate. Alcohol ink and acrylic ink blends with a transfer printing technique. Embellished with alcohol ink and archival ink. Words are hand-stamped. This is definitely a fun and exciting way to create!

Mixed media painting; dragonfly by Dee Van Houten.
Dragonfly Connection

Creating A Mixed Media Painting

Collage is another mixed media method you can try. This design arrangement comprises of paper pieces such as, newspaper or photographs. Other materials used in a collage may be sheet music, book pages, stamps or vintage ephemera. Ephemera is usually described as collectible memorabilia. For example, old ticket stubs or playing cards, plus many others. Collages can be very textural and quite unique, which I love. I have also used tissue papers in one of my collage paintings.

Substrates you may want to consider using for collage works are cardboard, wood or canvas. Book pages can also be another surface you may want to use as something different. There are so many to choose from, use your imagination!

Mixed media paintings inspire artists, me included, to think out of the customary box. You can research many other potential ways of creating this one-of-a-kind and awesome art form.

This is an example of a mixed media collage art by Patricia Srigley

Creating An Assemblage Work Of Art

Another way to combine media would be with found objects for assemblage work. This three-dimensional art form has a very sculptural look to it. Assemblage art work can also be unconventional and odd-looking to some people. This makes for a very individual work of art.

Related to collage work, assemblage is usually designed more as a 3-D piece of art. All kinds of found objects such as, metal, sculpture and plastics, to name a few, are excellent choices.

Remember, even if you are a beginner or pro, let this fabulous art form take you on an incredible ride of pure joy. Use your imagination and be as inventive as you want to be!

This is an example of assemblage art by Victoria Borodinova

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8 Reasons Why Art is Vital Today and Always

ART appears in so many forms of expression with its bountiful styles and mediums. It could be a drawing, music, the theater, dance, a movie or novel, a poem, sculpture or painting. Art is vital and provides the imagination with a multitude of ways to express oneself. It can project you into other wondrous places in your mind. The feeling you may experience when you view a piece of art can explore avenues you never thought of before.

Seeing art that is quite moving can affect you on a deep emotional level. It may bring tears of joy, happiness or sadness. It many even stimulate your creativity and get you started on your own inspired journey.

Why Art Is Vital

• Provides us with the history of art.
• Invites the developing minds of children to be creative.
• Art can be calming, exciting, dark, upbeat or many other emotions.
• A universal language that unites people.
• Art therapy may be needed to comfort, support and guide you.
• Gives voice to politics.

"Elephant Party" giclee prints at DevaArt Studio Gallery.
Elephant Party Giclee Prints

Have you ever wondered how everyday life was back in the days of our ancestors? Learning about art through the ages gives us how it may have been for them. Through cave drawings, for instance, art gave us a good idea how people used to eat, live, play, farm and even relate to one another. It shows a clear picture of human progression over the years. You can learn so much from the past, which is very crucial for your future.

Art is Vital for Brain Development and Overall Health

Many doctors treating dementia and Alzheimer’s patients release reports that show how their patients who draw or paint improve significantly. Taking part in art therapy improves their memory and they may even recover at a faster rate. People who do not practice creative activities may be slower to heal. A single picture is worth a million memories. Art can improve your brain health and help build connections between the brain’s right and left hemispheres.

Color Rhythms Gilcee Prints

Creating Art is Necessary for a Child’s Development

Children must be introduced to the arts at a young age, especially painting and drawing. This helps their brains grow and develop. It encourages them when establishing practical extra-curriculum skills. Art expands a child’s imagination and benefits them when they try to express themselves.

Before a child speaks, it sings. Before they write, they paint. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is the basis of human expression. Phylicia Rashad ~

Ethereal Dreams – Graphite, Color Pencil, Ink

Children communicate differently, voicing what they feel inside. While some become aggressive, others withdraw entirely without saying a word. You may not realize what they are trying to communicate sometimes, especially the quiet ones. However, if you look deeply into the art they created, you can find out much more about them.

Overall, art education has had a very positive impact on children’s performance both at school and at home. One research revealed that children who study art in school perform well in other subjects in class. They also find it easier to connect with others socially and their self-esteem is improved.

Voice to Political Differences

Art is much more than aesthetics as it also serves a political purpose. A lot of people who demonstrate for a cause may use art to express their feelings and get their message across. It has become part of activism and a way to call out public oppressors. A lot of activists express their causes using painted boards and papers. Also, newspapers use cartoon drawings as a political message. In these two cases, art is meant to speak for the voiceless in society.

Art Is Vital Because It Lasts

Art is vital because it can and does last for a very long time. For example, cave drawings from millions of years ago line the walls of caves worldwide. Art from eons ago helps us to understand the life of those who lived before us.

Zebras Of A Different Color – Giclee Prints

Art is a Language that Unites People

Art has its own language that anyone can relate to. Viewing artwork evokes emotions that words cannot always do. Even so, the same artwork may mean different things to different people. It may not elicit the same emotional reactions, but it does make you think of perhaps looking at something differently than you normally would have. You do not have to necessarily understand what you are looking at to feel something emotionally.

Art is Therapeutic

Experiencing art, no matter which kind, is therapeutic in itself. It may help to reduce stress levels (think meditative type music), reduce anxiety and lessen depression. When you take a few minutes during your day to enjoy any kind of creative work, your cortisol hormone levels reduce. This hormone is connected to your stress level. Also, combining art therapy with medicinal therapy may benefit people who suffer from mental and/or emotional health.

A World Without Art?

Art is vital to everyone. "Mountainview" watercolor.
Mountain View – Watercolor

I cannot imagine living in a world without some form of creativity. Art is vital for everyone, including making our environment beautiful. Furthermore, a world without art would be dull and lifeless. So, go to an art gallery, museum, listen to music, see dancers perform, attend the theater. Do whatever you enjoy to keep art wrapped around your soul and your life.

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Popular Art Trends In 2022

In this post, the discussion will be about the popular art trends for 2022. There are so many contemporary, abstract, classic and other art trends to learn about in both home decor and the workplace. For example, these trends could be incorporated into your daily living spaces. Learn how black and white art can make bold statements intermingled in with other styles of art, such as, line art. And how metallic tones can be mixed together to create an original and diverse interior. Innovative ways of framing without frames with canvas prints is always a unique way to showcase art. A return to nature art is yet another popular art trend that can help bring serenity to your living spaces.

  • Find the allure of asymmetrical or unbalanced artwork.
  • Ethically sourced materials used in art.
  • Contemporary, abstract and traditional art trends.
  • Mix together art and be more creative in your interior design space.
  • Learn about art trends in home decor and at the workplace.
  • Organic neutrals colors such as gray and beige used in color schemes.
  • Innovative framing for canvas prints; framing without frames.
  • Bring a peaceful and zen calmness to your home with nature and animal art.

Art creates a zen-like environments in your home or workplace.
Silky Waters Giclee Art Prints

Vintage Home Design

Vintage is making a comeback as a design motif in 2022. Trends such as, bright, bold retro colors are being used. The soft look and feel of velvet incorporated on a loveseat or chair would be charming. Furniture without straight lines as in, Art Nouveau; elegant and curvilinear. Vintage styles can be blended with contemporary furniture design in an interesting way. Used sparingly, the vintage form can bring something very unique to your decor.

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are excellent for hanging work without having to frame it with mats and glass, which can be very expensive. This art decor trend using canvas prints instead of art on paper is easy to do. An image is printed from an inkjet printer onto the textured canvas. After this step, the canvas is stretched onto a wooden frame, but is frameless, unless of course, you have it framed. A gallery-wrapped canvas (when the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and fastened to the back of the frame) is often used when the canvas print is not framed.

A Return To Nature

It’s easy to find peace and calmness when you surround yourself with nature. Whether you take a walk in a beautiful green forest or around your neighborhood filled with flowers, being encompassed by nature gives you that sense of relief from your every day worries, specifically in these uncertain times. New artwork by today’s artists may surround you with a feeling of serenity every time you walk by the artwork, even if you just glance at it several times a day. Contemporary artists today are producing work from sensuous graphite and color pencil drawings, landscape paintings to organic pottery. You will continue to see this popular growing art trend in 2022.

Lost In The CrowdAnimal ArtOil Painting

Black and White Art

Black and white art has never really gone out of style. Like an old classic movie from the 1940’s, this type of time-honored art is still one of the most popular art trends in 2022. Because the artwork is created in monochrome (black and white or in varying tones of only one color), black and white art will endure throughout time. Again, using this type of art in your home (even if its only one or two rooms) will benefit the consideration you have given to all of your rooms no matter how they were decorated. Furthermore, implementing some fascinating monochromatic art in your home or workplace is a great way to diversify and add bold statements to your decor style.

Line art is becoming one of the more popular art trends in 2022. Whether the line art you bring into play is contemporary or abstract, it can affect your decor in a very good way. Line art can be delicate or it can incorporate large, bold line images. This would clearly impact your interior design as a result. Line art brings about a simpler way of blending with other, more intricate artwork. Contemporary line art may present an uncomplicated look, but don’t underestimate the clean and uncluttered attention it will give your entire space.

DevaArt Studio popular art trends
Tulip Serenade Giclee Prints – Pen&Ink Line Art

Although there are many more popular art trends in 2022, these unique art trends are an excellent way to incorporate distinctive artworks into your home. These trends are also used in the office or other workplace. For example, they are adaptable to any interior decor and will give your space an all-around artistic and original look and feel.

  • Line Art
  • Canvas prints
  • Nature and animal art
  • Black and white art
  • Vintage Style

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Artisan Handmade Necklaces-Fine Art Paintings

Dee Van Houten Fine Artist

Artisan Handmade Necklaces

Distinctive Artisan handmade necklaces and fine art paintings are created by artist, Dee Van Houten at DevaArt Studio. Also, each artisan necklace is made with sterling silver components, dichroic, Murano and lampwork glass, raw crystals, Swarovski crystals, genuine sea glass and/or vintage beads, in addition to, a sterling silver chain necklace. Furthermore, there is no nickel in any of the handmade necklaces.

Quality Materials For Artisan Handmade Necklaces

I produce my handmade jewelry products on a very small scale, therefore, I use the most high quality materials for each piece I create. The sea glass is authentic and found on beaches all over the world. Moreover, I only use sterling silver (charms, wire and necklaces) in all of my designs. Next, each dichroic, lampwork and Murano glass bead or charm are all handmade. The Murano glass is handmade in Italy, in addition to, the lampwork and dichroic glass pieces are handcrafted by artists from around the world.

Artisan Handmade Murano Glass Necklaces
Flower Artisan Handmade Murano Glass Necklace

Fine Art Paintings

There are several collections in which to choose artwork from, for example, LifeExpressions, which are personal paintings (custom order), SoulWorks spiritual art and Animal Art included in the list below. Furthermore, original art and beautiful giclee art prints can be purchased at devaart.com.

Animal Art Collection

Best Sellers

Artisan Handmade Necklaces by DevaArt Studio

Life Expressions Custom Order

LifeExpressions are personal paintings (custom order) for a loved one, special friend or even yourself. In additions, they feature what someone is passionate about in their life. Moreover, this type of art captures the essence of the person and what they love. For instance, the LifeExpressions custom order below is called, The Hunter and was created for someone who is patriotic and loves nature, hunting and family.

SoulWorks Spiritual Art

Healing colors that I use in my paintings play a very important role in creating spiritual art. Equally important, is that I capture the essence and then express it in images residing in nature. In fact, this is always an intuitive action on my part which creates a sense of mystery and blends nature with the Divine.

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