8 Reasons Why Art is Vital Today and Always

ART appears in so many forms of expression with its bountiful styles and mediums. It could be a drawing, music, the theater, dance, a movie or novel, a poem, sculpture or painting. Art is vital and provides the imagination with a multitude of ways to express oneself. It can project you into other wondrous places in your mind. The feeling you may experience when you view a piece of art can explore avenues you never thought of before.

Seeing art that is quite moving can affect you on a deep emotional level. It may bring tears of joy, happiness or sadness. It many even stimulate your creativity and get you started on your own inspired journey.

Why Art Is Vital

• Provides us with the history of art.
• Invites the developing minds of children to be creative.
• Art can be calming, exciting, dark, upbeat or many other emotions.
• A universal language that unites people.
• Art therapy may be needed to comfort, support and guide you.
• Gives voice to politics.

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Elephant Party Giclee Prints

Have you ever wondered how everyday life was back in the days of our ancestors? Learning about art through the ages gives us how it may have been for them. Through cave drawings, for instance, art gave us a good idea how people used to eat, live, play, farm and even relate to one another. It shows a clear picture of human progression over the years. You can learn so much from the past, which is very crucial for your future.

Art is Vital for Brain Development and Overall Health

Many doctors treating dementia and Alzheimer’s patients release reports that show how their patients who draw or paint improve significantly. Taking part in art therapy improves their memory and they may even recover at a faster rate. People who do not practice creative activities may be slower to heal. A single picture is worth a million memories. Art can improve your brain health and help build connections between the brain’s right and left hemispheres.

Color Rhythms Gilcee Prints

Creating Art is Necessary for a Child’s Development

Children must be introduced to the arts at a young age, especially painting and drawing. This helps their brains grow and develop. It encourages them when establishing practical extra-curriculum skills. Art expands a child’s imagination and benefits them when they try to express themselves.

Before a child speaks, it sings. Before they write, they paint. As soon as they stand, they dance. Art is the basis of human expression. Phylicia Rashad ~

Ethereal Dreams – Graphite, Color Pencil, Ink

Children communicate differently, voicing what they feel inside. While some become aggressive, others withdraw entirely without saying a word. You may not realize what they are trying to communicate sometimes, especially the quiet ones. However, if you look deeply into the art they created, you can find out much more about them.

Overall, art education has had a very positive impact on children’s performance both at school and at home. One research revealed that children who study art in school perform well in other subjects in class. They also find it easier to connect with others socially and their self-esteem is improved.

Voice to Political Differences

Art is much more than aesthetics as it also serves a political purpose. A lot of people who demonstrate for a cause may use art to express their feelings and get their message across. It has become part of activism and a way to call out public oppressors. A lot of activists express their causes using painted boards and papers. Also, newspapers use cartoon drawings as a political message. In these two cases, art is meant to speak for the voiceless in society.

Art Is Vital Because It Lasts

Art is vital because it can and does last for a very long time. For example, cave drawings from millions of years ago line the walls of caves worldwide. Art from eons ago helps us to understand the life of those who lived before us.

Zebras Of A Different Color – Giclee Prints

Art is a Language that Unites People

Art has its own language that anyone can relate to. Viewing artwork evokes emotions that words cannot always do. Even so, the same artwork may mean different things to different people. It may not elicit the same emotional reactions, but it does make you think of perhaps looking at something differently than you normally would have. You do not have to necessarily understand what you are looking at to feel something emotionally.

Art is Therapeutic

Experiencing art, no matter which kind, is therapeutic in itself. It may help to reduce stress levels (think meditative type music), reduce anxiety and lessen depression. When you take a few minutes during your day to enjoy any kind of creative work, your cortisol hormone levels reduce. This hormone is connected to your stress level. Also, combining art therapy with medicinal therapy may benefit people who suffer from mental and/or emotional health.

A World Without Art?

Art is vital to everyone. "Mountainview" watercolor.
Mountain View – Watercolor

I cannot imagine living in a world without some form of creativity. Art is vital for everyone, including making our environment beautiful. Furthermore, a world without art would be dull and lifeless. So, go to an art gallery, museum, listen to music, see dancers perform, attend the theater. Do whatever you enjoy to keep art wrapped around your soul and your life.

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