Mixed Media Painting Innovative and Playful

A mixed media painting fuses various mediums together. This may include drawing mediums such as, graphite, ink and color pencil. Pastels or crayons are also other good drawing mediums to use. Painting mediums, for example, oils, acrylics and watercolor integrate together in many ways.

Other materials used as collage components, such as, newspaper, is an excellent source. Magazine pages and photos are other good choices. I am going to design a new mixed media painting using my mom’s fabric quilting samples. So, fabric is an item you can definitely blend with other mediums. You can also stick with only two different mediums.

Dragonfly Connection mixed media painting seen below, uses a variety of media. I painted this on a semi-rough watercolor paper substrate. Alcohol ink and acrylic ink blends with a transfer printing technique. Embellished with alcohol ink and archival ink. Words are hand-stamped. This is definitely a fun and exciting way to create!

Mixed media painting; dragonfly by Dee Van Houten.
Dragonfly Connection

Creating A Mixed Media Painting

Collage is another mixed media method you can try. This design arrangement comprises of paper pieces such as, newspaper or photographs. Other materials used in a collage may be sheet music, book pages, stamps or vintage ephemera. Ephemera is usually described as collectible memorabilia. For example, old ticket stubs or playing cards, plus many others. Collages can be very textural and quite unique, which I love. I have also used tissue papers in one of my collage paintings.

Substrates you may want to consider using for collage works are cardboard, wood or canvas. Book pages can also be another surface you may want to use as something different. There are so many to choose from, use your imagination!

Mixed media paintings inspire artists, me included, to think out of the customary box. You can research many other potential ways of creating this one-of-a-kind and awesome art form.

This is an example of a mixed media collage art by Patricia Srigley

Creating An Assemblage Work Of Art

Another way to combine media would be with found objects for assemblage work. This three-dimensional art form has a very sculptural look to it. Assemblage art work can also be unconventional and odd-looking to some people. This makes for a very individual work of art.

Related to collage work, assemblage is usually designed more as a 3-D piece of art. All kinds of found objects such as, metal, sculpture and plastics, to name a few, are excellent choices.

Remember, even if you are a beginner or pro, let this fabulous art form take you on an incredible ride of pure joy. Use your imagination and be as inventive as you want to be!

This is an example of assemblage art by Victoria Borodinova

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