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Flamingo Giclee Prints

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Flamingos Giclee Prints (various sizes and media offered).

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From The Neck Up giclee print by Dee Van Houten was reproduced from a color pencil drawing in a realistic manner. This flamingo artwork is characterized by a visually appealing theme that creates a sense of fascination. There are many layers of color pencil and graphite, (which gives it depth) that make up each flamingo and it’s very crisp in detail. The negative space plays in the unique shapes that the flamingos make. Anyone who is interested in tropical birds, especially the graceful flamingo, will love this detailed color pencil drawing reproduced as a giclee art print. The original has been sold.

DevaArt Studio Fine Art Blog

Painting is a pigment of my imagination…
If I can create art, then everything will be good…

The above menu links will take you to my fine art website gallery. Many of my original fine artworks can be seen and securely purchased from this gallery, where my original, soulworks, animal art and stylized paintings can be reproduced as giclee prints. You will be able to choose from various sizes and media to have the artwork printed on such as museum quality archival matte or glossy paper, canvas and others. Custom framing is also available.

I also design jewelry and handcraft necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Every piece is one-of-a-kind and made in the USA. I only use the best materials in my designs which are sterling silver, raw and Swarovski crystals, genuine sea glass, vintage beads, Czech wood beads (necklaces for men), raw copper, pewter and stainless steel. At my online handmade jewelry store you can view and securely purchase these designs. You can also custom order a piece at

Making art is a spiritual journey for me and has always been a consuming creative passion in my life. It is similar to a form of meditation, filled with serenity and peace blended with awe-inspiring colors that delight my vision which make me want to paint a work of art that people will relate to emotionally.

I am a very independent artist (trained in fine art (painting), graphic design, web design, illustration) and most passionate about my art, which is a very deep part of my spirit that weaves itself throughout all aspects of my life.

Here is my contact page on my fine art website where you can view and securely purchase my paintings as giclee prints. I offer stylized art, birdlife, sealife and wildlife art. On occasion, I will offer limited editions and original artwork for sale.

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Dee Van Houten Fine Art Paintings and Handmade Jewelry.

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