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DevaArt Studio features enchanting animal art in visually appealing themes. This collection showcases wildlife art such as elephants and zebras. Fanciful birds include flamingos, toucans, lovebirds and other tropical birds along with puffin sea birds. Vibrant clownfish, soothing tropical fish swimming in silky waters and playful dolphins gliding through the ocean are reproduced from original paintings as fine art giclee prints.

Awesome Toucans! Distinctive, Beguiling Toucan Bird Art Prints

toucan bird art prints

Toucan bird art prints are very colorful paintings and available as giclee prints. They are so beautiful and have the brightest colors in nature. Puffin sea birds and lovebirds as well as flamingos and parrots are some types of birds I have painted. These fanciful birds are a joy to paint.

Toucan Talk was originally created in gouache which is an opaque watercolor. The lovely colors and bright and vibrant. This painting was created in a painterly illustrative style. The toucans in the background, which are lighter in color, look as if they overlap each other. This artwork is for sale as giclee art prints. Sizes vary and you can choose the size of the print. Only available at online art gallery-store.

Tropical birds make wonderful pets. I have a beautiful talking cockatiel and he is a joy to behold! He must say about 20 words and phrases. Parakeets, parrots and toucans are some of the smartest birds in nature. These stunning tropical birds have bright, beautiful colors and also long bills. They present a cheerful and joyful atmosphere whenever I’ve been around them. I’ve owned parakeets, cockatiels, parrolets, English budgies and a mynah bird!

Toucan Bird Art Prints

  • Toucan Talk originally created in gouache (opaque watercolor).
  • Realistic artwork portraying several colorful toucans sitting together.
  • Toucans seen in background in lighter contrast to birds in front.
  • Toucan Talk is available as giclee art prints.
  • Available at online gallery-store.
  • Original painting has sold.

Animal Art

Animal art is one of my specialties so there are also many different kinds offered as giclee art prints. Zebras, elephants, tropical birds, dolphins and more available as fine art prints. I offer a wide selection of animal art from my online gallery-store. Fast shipping and custom framing options offered for all prints.

Toucan bird art prints.

Twenty-Five Percent Off Prints!

You receive 25% off of this print when you sign-up for my mailing list. I only send out emails when I have something new to announce. You will never get bombarded with too many emails from me! There are several sizes to choose from and matting/framing is also offered.

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Enchanting Art::Charming Artisan Handmade Jewelry

Painting is a pigment of my imagination…
If I can create art, then everything will be good…

Dee studied fine art painting, illustration, web design, graphic design and communication design. Her collections: SoulWorks intuitive art, LifeExpressions custom order personal paintings and Animal Art. All art you see in her gallery-store at is available as giclee art prints. 


LifeExpessions are painting commissions for client’s who want a personal painting for a loved one, special friend or themselves. The painting features what they are passionate about in their life. The person’s essence is then captured in the artwork. For instance, World Traveler was for someone who loved to travel and adored elephants.

LifeExpressions Custom Order: The Traveler

LifeExpressions paintings are created on either a 10″x10″ or 12″x12″ cradled substrate called, Claybord. This substrate is archival and acid-free. These are the only sizes I offer for this type of work. The finished painting is protected with several coats of satin (low-sheen) UV acrylic polymer varnish which is resistant to chemicals, water, abrasion and ultraviolet radiation. Also, I paint the sides of the cradled panel with acrylic acid free, museum quality paint. Cradled panels allow you to hang your work with no additional framing.

To learn more about one of these meaningful, heart-felt and personal LifeExpressions paintings, please go to the custom order page.

Original Art

Original artworks and giclee prints can be seen and securely purchased from her online art gallery-store. In the Animal Art collection you can choose from flamingos, toucans, lovebirds, puffins, elephants, zebras and several others.

Puffins fine art gouache painting by Dee Van Houten.

You will be able to choose from various sizes and media to have the artwork printed on, such as, museum quality archival matte or glossy paper, canvas and many others. Custom framing is also available. (All purchases are secure; communications between your browser and the website are encrypted).

Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry

Purchase distinctive artisan handcrafted jewelry designed by fine artist, Dee Van Houten. Each piece of jewelry is created with sterling silver components, as well as, raw crystals, Swarovski crystals, genuine sea glass and/or vintage beads. All necklace chains are sterling silver. Some of my necklaces may be designed with raw copper components, Swarovski crystals and/or vintage beads.

Quality Materials

Because I produce my products on a very small scale, I use excellent quality materials for each piece I create.

Artisan Handmade Jewelry by Dee Van Houten
Joon – Artisan Handmade Sea Glass Necklace
  • Sterling silver
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Raw crystals
  • Vintage beads
  • Genuine sea glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Raw copper and/or pewter
  • Cuffs vary in widths
  • No nickel is used in any of my jewelry

I have all new silver metal cuff bracelets for sale! All cuffs are etched by hand and hand-hammered. This gives the cuffs a nice textural look to them.

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