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Absolutely Charming One Of A Kind Handmade Jewelry Gifts

Are you looking for one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts for someone special? Handmade jewelry gifts may be the perfect solution. How would you feel if someone gave you a beautiful piece of artisan handmade art that is an aesthetically designed one of a kind design? Very special, I would think!

Massed produced jewelry can be found everywhere you go and worn by many people. What’s so unique about that anyway? By wearing a one of a kind artisan necklace, you would have a tough time finding anyone else with the exact same piece. Even if the artist makes other designs that are similar, handmade items are never exactly alike in craftsmanship and materials.

Handcrafted Exclusive Gifts

Artisan handmade gifts are widely accepted and in demand. It used to be quite time consuming to find a store with distinct choices of handmade gifts. Nowadays you are able to go online and find lovely and charming one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from all over the world.

You can easily find handmade jewelry that will fit any budget. Materials used, the uniqueness of the design, labor and complexities of the piece will determine the price. There is a distinct advantage of buying this type of product online because of the low overhead and a lot of times free shipping is offered.

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from DevaArt Studio.
Ocean Waves
(sea glass, sterling silver, crystal stone, wire wrapped)

Materials Used In One of a Kind Handmade Jewelry Gifts

Artisan handmade jewelry can be very appealing and lovely, unlike jewelry that is mass produced. Many different kinds of materials are used in designing handmade jewelry, such as, fine silver, gold and raw copper. Really, all it takes is the creative imagination of the designer to come up with all sorts of materials.

I use crystals such as, raw amethyst, sterling silver, genuine sea glass, beads, Murano, dichroic and lampwork glass beads (this type of fused glass is painstakenly created by hand). I also use mother of pearl beads, beautiful Swarovski crystals and vintage beads. Many of these materials I combine for a beautiful harmonious effect. Some of the raw crystals I wire wrap with sterling silver wire. These are very beautiful and designed in a free-form style.

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts at DevaArt Studio.
(free-form, wire wrapped, sterling silver and genuine sea glass)

Sophisticated artistry is interweaved into these one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts. The jewelry I design and create are artisan handmade necklaces. My jewelry collections include ocean inspired, crystal, sea glass, dichroic, Murano (handmade in Italy) glass and lampwork glass (handmade fused glass). All available at devaartstudio.com.

Making A Statement

A bold statement can be made by wearing an alluring and attractive necklace as you will find at DevaArt Studio. People will admire it and compliment you on your lovely piece of jewelry. Unique to only you; it’s one of a kind!

One of a kind handmade jewelry gifts from DevaArt Studio.
(Murano glass, sterling silver, vintage beads)

In conclusion, these artisan handmade necklaces make awesome gifts because they are so different from any mass produced jewelry. The best place to purchase these unique necklaces are at my online boutique store (devaartstudio.com). Amaze someone special in your life with one of a kind handmade jewelry gifts.

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