The 5 Most Popular Art Trends You Need To Know About In 2021

Popular Art Trends That Have Returned In 2021

In this post I’ll talk about the popular art trends in 2021. There are so many contemporary, abstract and classic art trends to learn about in both home decor and the workplace. For example, these trends could be incorporated into your daily living spaces. Learn how black and white art can make bold statements intermingled in with other styles of art, such as, line art. And how metallic tones can be mixed together to create an original and diverse interior. Innovative ways of framing without frames with canvas prints is always a unique way to showcase art. A return to nature art is yet another popular art trend that can help bring serenity to your living spaces.

  • Popular art trends for 2021.
  • Contemporary, abstract and classic art trends.
  • Mix together art and be more creative in your interior design space.
  • Learn about art trends in home decor and at the workplace.
  • Innovative framing for canvas prints.
  • Bring peace and calm to your home with nature art.

Metallic Tones

Another popular art trend is mixing metals in a room using contrasting metal tones that look good to you. Art that has metallic accents, for instance, the silver metal heart image below, would go very well with other art that is carefully chosen to blend with the metallic piece. For example, dramatize the look by mixing together the different tones from the metals you are using. Also consider a sculpture purchase to transfer your ideas of metal mixing in several of the rooms within your home. Don’t be nervous about experimenting with this popular art trend as you may see that you really love it!

DevaArt Studio popular art trends
Metalic Art

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are excellent for hanging work without having to frame it with mats and glass, which can be very expensive. This art decor trend using canvas prints instead of art on paper is easy to do. An image is printed from an inkjet printer onto the textured canvas. After this step, the canvas is stretched onto a wooden frame, but is frameless, unless of course, you have it framed. A gallery-wrapped canvas (when the canvas is wrapped around the stretcher bars and fastened to the back of the frame) is often used when the canvas print is not framed.

Popular Art Trends: A Return To Nature

It’s easy to find peace and calmness when you surround yourself with nature. Whether you take a walk in a beautiful green forest or around your neighborhood filled with flowers, being encompassed by nature gives you that sense of relief from your every day worries, specifically in these uncertain times. New artwork by today’s artists may surround you with a feeling of serenity every time you walk by the artwork, even if you just glance at it several times a day. Contemporaty artists today are producing work from sensuous graphite and color pencil drawings, landscape paintings to organic pottery. You will continue to see this popular growing art trend in 2021.

DevaArt Studio popular art trends.
SerenityNature ArtAlcohol Ink Original Painting by Dee Van Houten

Popular Art Trends: Black and White Art

Black and white art has never really gone out of style. Like an old classic movie from the 1940’s, this type of time-honored art is still one of the most popular art trends in 2021. Because the artwork is created in monochrome (black and white or in varying tones of only one color), black and white art will endure throughout time. Again, using this type of art in your home (even if its only one or two rooms) will benefit the consideration you have given to all of your rooms no matter how they were decorated. Furthermore, implementing some fascinating monochromatic art in your home or workplace is a great way to diversify and add bold statements to your decor style.

DevaArt Studio popular art trends
Lost In The Crowd – Black and White Watercolor Art by Dee Van Houten

Line Art

DevaArt Studio popular art trends
Tulip Serenade by Dee Van Houten – Pen&Ink Line Art

Line art is becoming one of the more popular art trends in 2021. Whether the line art you bring into play is contemporary or abstract, it can certainly affect your decor in a very good way. Line art can be delicate or it can incorporate large, bold line images which will clearly impact your interior design as a result. Line art brings about a simpler way of blending with other, more intricate artwork within your home or workplace decor. Contemporary line art may present an uncomplicated look, but don’t underestimate the clean and uncluttered attention it will give your entire space.

  • Metallic tones
  • Canvas prints
  • A return to nature
  • Black and white art
  • Line Art

Although there are many more popular art trends in 2021, these specific five art trends are an excellent way to incorporate distinctive artworks into your home, home office or other workplace. For example, they are adaptable to any interior decor and will give your space an all-around artistic and original look and feel.

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