Artisan Handmade Necklaces-Fine Art Paintings

Dee Van Houten Fine Artist

Artisan Handmade Necklaces

Distinctive Artisan handmade necklaces and fine art paintings are created by artist, Dee Van Houten at DevaArt Studio. Also, each artisan necklace is made with sterling silver components, dichroic, Murano and lampwork glass, raw crystals, Swarovski crystals, genuine sea glass and/or vintage beads, in addition to, a sterling silver chain necklace. Furthermore, there is no nickel in any of the handmade necklaces.

Quality Materials For Artisan Handmade Necklaces

I produce my handmade jewelry products on a very small scale, therefore, I use the most high quality materials for each piece I create. The sea glass is authentic and found on beaches all over the world. Moreover, I only use sterling silver (charms, wire and necklaces) in all of my designs. Next, each dichroic, lampwork and Murano glass bead or charm are all handmade. The Murano glass is handmade in Italy, in addition to, the lampwork and dichroic glass pieces are handcrafted by artists from around the world.

Artisan Handmade Murano Glass Necklaces
Flower Artisan Handmade Murano Glass Necklace

Fine Art Paintings

There are several collections in which to choose artwork from, for example, LifeExpressions, which are personal paintings (custom order), SoulWorks spiritual art and Animal Art included in the list below. Furthermore, original art and beautiful giclee art prints can be purchased at

Animal Art Collection

Best Sellers

Artisan Handmade Necklaces by DevaArt Studio

Life Expressions Custom Order

LifeExpressions are personal paintings (custom order) for a loved one, special friend or even yourself. In additions, they feature what someone is passionate about in their life. Moreover, this type of art captures the essence of the person and what they love. For instance, the LifeExpressions custom order below is called, The Hunter and was created for someone who is patriotic and loves nature, hunting and family.

SoulWorks Spiritual Art

Healing colors that I use in my paintings play a very important role in creating spiritual art. Equally important, is that I capture the essence and then express it in images residing in nature. In fact, this is always an intuitive action on my part which creates a sense of mystery and blends nature with the Divine.

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