Artisan Handmade Crystal Necklaces: Distinctive & Enchanting

Artisan Handmade Crystal Necklaces

In my artisan handmade crystal necklaces collection, I use all natural raw crystals such as rose quartz, Brazilian raw quartz, purple flash quartz, moonstone, rainbow quartz, amethyst and several others. I also use beautiful Swarovski crystals, sterling silver components and/or vintage beads in the designs. All of my crystal necklaces are given a name that inspires me as I work with the crystal.

Artisan Handmade Crystal Necklaces
“Blossom” Crystal and Vintage Bead Necklace
  • Handmade necklaces: expressive, meaningful designs inspired by nature.
  • One-of-a-kind designs (no two are ever alike)!
  • Free artisan handcrafted pierced earrings with each order (limited stock).
  • Names are given to each special necklace I design.
  • Sterling silver components, raw crystals, Swarovski crystals, genuine sea glass and/or vintage beads. 
  • Sterling silver necklace chain (length varies).
  • Some necklaces may be designed with copper components, Swarovski crystals and/or vintage beads. 

Artisan Handmade Crystal Necklaces and Sea Glass

All of the sea glass I use in my artisan handmade necklace designs are made with genuine sea glass from around the world. Other materials used in the sea glass necklace designs are Swarovski crystals, sterling silver components and/or vintage beads. 

Artisan Handmade Sea Glass Jewelry by Dee Van Houten
Beach: Artisan Handmade Seaglass Necklace

Cuff Bracelets

My decorative, open metal cuff bracelets are hand-etched and hand-hammered, which gives them a textural, contemporary look. They are designed in a free-form style. Cuffs vary in widths. Lightweight and durable, aluminum is the material used for my cuff. bracelets. Aluminum is safe to wear because it is non-toxic. Furthermore, aluminum is hypoallergenic and does not tarnish or rust. For example, it does not oxidize like other metals do. Always remove cuff while cleaning or doing things that involve toxic chemicals. In addition, lightly buff the cuff bracelet occasionally with a jewelry cloth that will be given with each cuff.

Artisan Handmade Jewelry Expressive Word Necklaces

"Pray" Artisan Handmade Jewelry by Dee Van Houten
“Pray” Artisan Hand-Etched Sterling Silver Necklace

This inspiring collection is intended for people who relate to a particular word that is special to them. It could be a word of encouragement, an uplifting word or a word of hope. In this handmade jewelry collection I use a mix of various components such as, sterling silver, genuine sea glass, raw crystals, Swarovski crystals, vintage beads and/or raw/solid copper. I call these expression word necklaces. Custom orders are offered for this collection if you have a special word that you want incorporated into the design.

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