5 Moneymaking Art Jobs Every Artist Should Learn About

This blog post will seek to inform artists who desire and are passionate about having success in moneymaking art jobs. Learn about which of these jobs may interest you. Furthermore, find out how to investigate the numerous ways to make a lucrative income from your art. And, so much of it can be accomplished from your home studio or office.

This seems to be the new direction many people, including artists, are (or have to) taking during these stressful times we are all experiencing. But you still have to make money to support yourself and your family, right? So, this post will include information about giclee printmakers, video editing, graphic design, interior design and drafting, to name only a few jobs in this field.

Moneymaking Art Jobs

  • Giclee Printmaker
  • Video Editor
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Drafting

Art. It has long since been one of the founding pillars of human experience. Fine art paintings, sculpture, pottery or commercial art, have the capability through skill, talent and a lot of hard work, to enliven, uplift and/or emotionally enhance most circumstances. Those who create different types of art has gained the appreciation of many people. Yet, for the immense effort many artists put into their work, they are rarely paid what they deserve.

Taking Advantage of the Digital Age

Although we will discuss a number of methods for generating income through various art jobs, a common theme of these particular jobs is that they are practices carried out digitally, and this is by no means a coincidence. The digital age has allowed artists more opportunities to reap a profit from their own creative endeavors than ever before. As a result, with the global reach of the internet, the potential size of your audience is now virtually unlimited. To illustrate, we will examine various methods aspiring artists can explore to generate sizable, even substantial, incomes.

Video Editor

To start off our list of potential moneymaking art jobs, let’s take a look at the role of a video editor. The median salary of a video editor is around $65,000 and the job generally tends to require little experience, outside of proof of ability in and of itself; so this is why we viewed it as particularly favorable to first mention it in our list.

Video editing can certainly be a high-paying art job. Equally important, it can also be considered a bit of a scientific job as well. This is due to the in-depth comprehension of technicalities and details regarding video capture and alteration that one needs in order to do the job effectively. More than these, however; video editing relies on fundamentally artistic skills such as tone, color and pacing anc angles.

While there are a multitude of jobs and careers in the art world that show signs of stagnation or worse, video editing is distinguished in that it encompasses so many distribution mediums. For example, movies, TV shows, sporting events, documentaries and more. Consequently, its value as a job in the art field could never be diminished. As a result, the field of video editing has a 22% expected annual growth rate as a career.

Graphic Designer

The next job in the field of art to look at is that of a graphic designer. Graphic design is conceptually very similar to video editing, which is why we wanted to make it second on the list. For instance, both graphic design and video editing can be considered to have heavily scientific/secular aspects to them.

Like video editors, graphic designers must be proficient in a multitude of technical practices and procedures. In fact, graphic designers must focus their technical expertise in the use of design software and developmental platforms. That said, the core concept of a graphic designer is their ability to recognize artistic mediums and how they can be used for visual and aesthetic effect. A graphic designer should also have these attributes: a strong design sense and solid skills, such the handling of value and color.

Unfortunately, unlike video editing, graphic design has a negative annual growth rate; at a level of -4%. Although, this should not deter aspiring graphic artists. For example, this fact has mainly to do with the diminishing of certain industries such as the newspaper industry. In fields that are concerned with digital work and distribution, graphic design is more lively than ever, and as such, you can expect to net approximately $55,000 a year if you become an efficient, skilled graphic designer.


Next up on the list of moneymaking art jobs is what is known in the art community as drafting. Drafting is a little different from the other jobs on this list, as it’s primary purpose is the production of sketches and other forms of visual communication for practical use within industrial fields such as, architecture and engineering.

Drafting is a crucial aspect for efficient communication of ideas within fields like engineering and architecture. These particular fields assists the viewer in 3D visualization of an object or area. This is vital to the practical understanding of how something functions and operates. Drafters, as they are called, perform this task through making use of software in order to create technical illustrations based on the designs of architects and engineers.

Utilizing a multitude of technologies, drafters work off of rough sketches to aid in designing products and projects. For example, these can range from microscopic chips to massive buildings. Although this field has a negative growth rate as of now, this is offset by the high salary and low experience requirements. Those with an associates degree or above can expect to make $60,000 starting off, with the top 10% of performers pulling in six-figure salaries.

Giclee Printmaker

The next art career on this list is that of a giclee printmaker. This rather niche, yet prosperous art field is primarily concerned with the creation of fine art prints through the use of inkjet printers.

Here is an example of a giclee print reproduced from an original piece of art:

Moneymaking Art Jobs-Giclee Printmaker

The term giclee was coined by Jack Duganne around 1990. Duggane was a printmaker who wanted a way of distinguishing between the modified, fine art reproductions of adapted Iris printers versus those of regular commercial purpose, and so the term was born as a moniker of distinction. Over time, however, the term has been coined to denote any form of inkjet printing process with pigment ink in general.

A giclee printmaker can be profitable for anyone who aspires to become a knowledgeable expert in this field. For instance, the fact that it is one of the most reliable methods for artists and collectors to have reproductions made of their favorite works of art because not everyone can afford original art. Giclee prints will usually be judged and priced by how accurately the printmaker captures the color, tones, subtle gradations and general aesthetic of the original piece.

Moneymaking Art Jobs: Interior Design

And last, but certainly not least, let’s explore the career path of interior design. Interior design is exactly what it says, the process of designing interiors. For example, this type of design work can be for houses, workspaces and other places that need this kind of expertise. Interior designers must have a keen eye for how to utilize interior space, both from a functional and purely aesthetic standpoint.

It will be up to the interior designer to organize the various furniture, wall decor and all other interior items in a way that both makes practical and cohesive sense. And it should have eye-appeal to the owner of the space or anyone who may look at the space. Contemporary Interior designers will often make use of different software platforms and rough sketches to help perform this task. To illustrate, creating premium designs that can be efficiently implemented in both commercial and residential places is ideal. Interior designers get paid a solid salary but they may also want to search for projects within high-wealth areas that have a demand for their premium services.

Closing Statement

The various moneymaking art jobs that were talked about in the previous paragraphs may interest you in learning one or more of those trades. But you will need to do more intensive research to find what is appropriate for you. We hope this post has been helpful to any aspiring artist in making a living from their talent and passion. This world always needs creative artists to spread their talents in outside and interior environments. Lastly, never quit…keep doing what you love and doors will open for you. It takes a lot of very hard work and determination, persistence and spunk to make it anywhere in the art field!

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