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Commissioned to paint Noah’s Ark as a poster for the 2006 New Orleans Mardi Gras was an incredible opportunity. The client who hired me for this freelance job gave me free-reign (music to my artistic ears). This allowed me to paint the animals and ark any way I wanted. And I used my whimsical style, which the client loved. This was the most fun freelance job I’ve ever experienced. You will love the Mardi Gras art prints!

Mardi Gras Art Prints
Noah’s Ark Mardi Gras Poster
  • Mardi Gras art prints are available as giclee prints.
  • Uplifting and cheerful artwork.
  • 25% off giclee prints

Mardi Gras Art Prints

Noah’s Ark is now available as a high resolution giclee fine art print. You receive 25% off of this print when you sign-up for my mailing list. I only send out emails when I have a new original or giclee print to announce. You will never get bombarded with too many emails from me. Buy this charming fine art print from my gallery-store website at All purchases are secure.

This is what the final poster looked like:

Mardi Gras Art Prints
Noah’s Ark Mardi Gras

Noah’s Animals

Noah’s Ark is a fanciful giclee art print. To illustrate, it features playful animals in pairs afloat in the ‘sea’ of the Mardi Gras parade. And the playful pairs of animals all join in the Mardi Gras celebration. They throw the beads into the sea, play music and dance among the confetti floating through the air.

Dressed up penguins are standing on either end of the ark throwing beads into the sea. Likewise, one of the toucans wearing a party hat sits on top of the Bourbon Street lamp post. And the elephant holds the post up with his trunk.

Furthermore, mice, raccoons, ladybugs and puffins join in this upbeat Mardi Gras celebration. Tropical fish play and throw beads over to the starfish who are dancing on top of the water surrounding the ark. Also, two sea-horses wearing fancy beads sit atop the billowy waves.

The Ark

The ark resembles a Dutch-like design with beautiful flowers painted across its body. Two lovely butterflies flutter around the ark. Pieces of colorful confetti float through the sky around them. And Westie dogs poke their inquisitive heads out through portholes. This delightful painting would look great in a kids room. Anywhere you want to present a colorful, fun and uplifting feeling, this print would fit the bill.

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