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All of my one-of-a-kind, artisan handmade jewelry is created by my hands and no one else is involved in the design or craft of my pieces. All jewelry is made in the USA.

I use hand tools only in the creation of my artisan jewelry and absolutely no kind of machinery that mass-produces is ever used. And this is why it can take days or occasionally a week or more to create just one piece of jewelry in a collection. All artisan jewelry pieces are given a name that is inspired as I create it. 

Artisan Handmade Sea Glass Ocean Beach Shell Necklaces at DevaArt Studio
Splash Artisan Handmade Seaglass Necklace-Ocean Inspired

Highest Quality Metal Materials

Because I produce my products on a very small scale, I use excellent quality materials for each piece I create.

  • Sterling silver
  • Swarovski crystals
  • Raw crystals
  • Vintage beads
  • Genuine sea glass
  • Raw copper, stainless steel or pewter
  • No nickel is used in any of my jewelry

Artisan Handmade Jewelry

I give all of my personal attention, my passion for design and my love of creating to every piece of artisan handcrafted jewelry I make. The buyer is the only person (or someone they gift the piece to) who will own a special, distinct and unique piece of jewelry bought from me. Each individual piece of jewelry I create is made at DevaArt Studio in Virginia. I’ve always believed in supporting your local artisans!

Unlike mass-produced jewelry, my artisan handmade jewelry is not supposed to look perfect. I like my designs to appear organic, that’s why I prefer to design in a free-form manner. Each necklace and cuff bracelet I create has a distinct character and hopefully will resonate with someone.

DevaArt Studio Blog Artisan Jewelry
Artisan Handmade and Handpainted Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace

Attention To Detail In Artisan Handmade Jewelry

All handcrafted jewelry is designed and created with the utmost attention and care. The necklaces and cuff bracelets are designed and handcrafted by Dee. There are absolutely no manufactured pieces!


You will receive a free artisan handcrafted gift with every purchase! Quality materials are all Dee uses in her artisan jewelry. If you love the necklace or cuff bracelet you view and buy it, she will also send you a free handcrafted gift, which is designed by Dee. It offers the same quality as your purchased item. The gift is an extra surprise to let you know how much she appreciates your business!

Artisan Handmade Jewelry by Dee Van Houten
Artisan Handmade Seaglass Necklace

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